Service to Send Letters After Passing

Can you imagine the regret you’ll feel if you have something important to say to a loved one, be it a friend or family member, but you never get a chance to say it before you pass on? RedBird Sentiment wants to make sure that never happens to you. We offer a service to send letters after passing so that everyone affected by your death can find the closure they need.

What Are Our Letters?

Whether you want to express love to a child, ask for forgiveness from a friend, or simply remind someone of happy memories you spent together, our letters allow you to do so from beyond the grave. All you have to do is write as many letter as you want to whomever you want. These letters are completely confidential; we will never open them.

Once you’ve filled each letter with the last you want to say to the recipient, you can let us know how many months after your passing you’d like the letters delivered. Then we’ll deliver the letter at that time so that your loved one gets one last communication from you after your death.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for you to say any last words you want to anyone, even if you can’t see them.

What Are the Prices?

We have three different packages you can choose from:

  • $50 for three letters
  • $75 for five letters
  • $100 for eight letters

Each package comes with pre-stamped envelopes, stationary, and directions for use.

If you want to send letters after death to avoid leaving things unsaid or conflicts unresolved, trust RedBird Sentiments. Order your package today.

Our Mission is to provide a service that allows you to send a personal, private message “letter” to whomever, saying whatever & delivered in the month you wish them to receive it after you have passed on. Without anyone else’s knowledge of content. Our goal is give you the opportunity to provide comfort or get the last word in when you are not able.


We will deliver your envelopes to the US Post office in the month you have stated.


RedBird Sentiments is not liable for any content that is in letters mailed. Every letter is sent confidentially. We have no knowledge of content & cannot be held liable.

  • Package 1


     $50 – 3 Letters sent

    3 Pre-stamped envelopes
    9 Stationary
    Confirmation of receipt postcard and return envelope

    (everything included)

  • Package 2


    $75 – 5 Letters sent 

    5 Pre-stamped envelopes
    15 Stationary
    Confirmation of receipt postcard and return envelope

    (everything included)   

  • Package 3


      $100 – 8 Letters sent

    8 Pre-stamped envelopes
    24 Stationary
    Confirmation of receipt postcard and return envelope

      (everything included)